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One of the two big multinational companies of Hayat Holding, was established in year 1969 in Istanbul. It is manufacturing the raw and melamine coated MDF and particle boards, laminate flooring, fire resistant MDF and particle boards, moisture resistant MDF and particle boards, painted panels, honeycomb filled panels, glossy panels, worktops and door panels, needed by the furniture, decoration and construction sectors.

With its 5700 employee work force, its production capacity, knowledge and experience it is exporting to 96 countries from America to China, maintaining every year its number one position in the Turkish Wood Based Panelsector. It is rankingthe 36th in the First 500 Turkish Industrial Enterprises list. Having 18 production facilities, in 12 locations in 7 countries ; In Turkey, it is manufacturing MDF and article boards at Kastamonu and Adana, particle boards at Balikesir, Samsun and Tarsus, MDF at Adana ; whereas outside of Turkey,it isproducing door panels and particle boards in Romania, kraft packing paper in Bosnia- Herzegovina, particle boards in Bulgaria, MDF in Russia, wood chips in the USA and particle boards in Italy.

Kastamonu Entegre, TSE ve Avrupa Normlarına (EN) uygun üretim yapmaktadır. Due to its annual production capacity of 70 million square meters of laminate flooring, 5,8 million cubic meters of wooden panels, 19,5 million door panels, as a global power in its sector it is the 1st in Turkey, the 4th in Europe and the 7th in the world. The daily production is providing the laminate flooring, wooden panels for the furniture and the interior doors necessary for supplying the demands of 3000 dwellings. Converted into daily sales volume this is equivalent to “500 Trucks” delivery.

Kastamonu Entegre which is working in line with its vision of becoming a global player, is the first company in its sector which was awarded the Turquality Certificate. The company has important quality system certifications such as ISO 9001 Quality Certificate, OHSAS 18001 Work Health and Safety Certificate, ISO 50001 Energy Management Certificate, FSC ( Forestry Stewardship Certificate), and for the MEDEPAN brand MDF products it has also the TSE E0 Certificate and the CARB Phase 2 ( California Air Resource Board) Certificate given by WKI , one of the most important certifications bodies in the world.



Kastamonu Entegre is manufacturing laminate flooring based on its annual production capacity of 70 million square meters in its facilities located at Gebze, Kastamonu and Adana in Turkey and overseas located in Tatarstan. Kastamonu Entegre, which started the laminate flooring production for the first time in year 1999, at the moment is supplying by itself alone 5% of the world demand for laminate flooring with its main brand and sub categories.

The Floorpan laminate flooring, which is a complete flooring system, is produced in the AC3, AC4 and AC5 alternatives, as a material obtained by the coating of two surfaces using materials such as decorative paper, upper coating, balancing paper, and which is used in general as the flooring of the closed spaces in offices and residences.

The most prominent characteristic of this product which is an alternative to massive parquet and laminated parquet is the fact that it does not need any sanding and polishing, cannot be scratched easily and does not get eroded. Moreover, since the secondary parts resulted from forest maintenance and thinning, as well as the trees grown in plantations are used for the production of this laminate flooring, it is not harmful for the natural forests.From this point of view the laminate flooring is an environmentally friendly product.

For reasons such as being easy to fix, looking natural, decorative and warm, having compatible physical and mechanical characteristics, its hygienic structure, convenient price, being easy to clean, its positive environmental features and sufficient availability, the laminate flooring has acquired large applicability first in Europe and the USA, and as years passed also in our country, and succeeded to get a significant market share in the flooring materials market.

Kastamonu Entegre, which carries each product through 62 different tests until it becomes laminate flooring, is including in its range the laminate flooring brands that are preferred most in Turkey. One of the features which differentiate considerably the company is the fact that the quality control and classification are made by the computer controlled camera system and the latest technology is employed at each stage of production.

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